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Haiwell PLC

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Haiwell PLC is a versatile high-performance programmable logic controller, which is widely used in plastics, packaging, textiles, food, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, municipal, printing, building materials, elevators, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tools and other fields of systems and control equipment. In addition to its own various peripheral interfaces (digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, high-speed counter, high-speed pulse output channels, power supply, communication ports, etc.), it is also expandable with all types of expansion modules for flexible configuration. 


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EasyQuench is a unique technology able to protect OHL from lightning by discharging energy in the air. It requires NO additional product (ground lead, ground rod, etc. ) EQ functions with the conductivity of the pole and cross arm.

- Prevent insulator and conductor breakage
- Protect sensitive components (Surge arresters, transformers, etc.)
- Avoid outages on the line
- Avoid short circuits (follow current)
- No grounding to adjust control
- No copper ground lead required
- Self-protected product
- No maintenance required
- Fix and forget (20 years life expectancy)
- One time investment for the line
- Higher reliablity


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